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The third bridge with a blue sky on a sunny day as seen from Dalgety Bay

Weather Dalgety Bay : 8:15 am Monday 7th August 2017

*WeatherFugue ☀️ ? ☁️ | ? ☀️ ? | ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

A unique event. Well at least for a while. A tangerine morning to both the East and the west. And no! We have not had a simultaneous sunrise and a sunset. But both scenes as I  look to the East and the West are very much alike. Our weather today, for a moment is in heavenly harmony.  Paradise at its best.

The morning chorus a joy to the ears, a gradual diminuendo ensues and now the chit chat of the Aves flow. An exchange of gentile encouragement for the day ahead.


? Temperature: Starts at 9c, rises to 18, and drops to 11, at about midnight.

? Wind: Moves between West South Westerly and Westerly all day and into the early hours of the morning too. Speed: Starts at 9mph, rises to 16, and drops to about 8, for that hour of mystery.  The moment that my head hits the hay.

? ☀️ Sun: Sunny intervals throughout the day with cloud cover from 10 to 12 noon. Then from high noon it is a lone Mr. Sunshine popping in and out of our skies to put some magic into our Monday. Early evening Mr. Sunshine is the star of the show as from 6pm until sunset he will sit, alone, in the sky for us all to enjoy.

♦️ Risks: ? Sun cover, I must find that cream! Oh dear there could be some scattered showers but none are forecast locally.

That is it from me.  I can hear Jimmy (Our feather friend) saying something

“Really did enjoy seeing Big Squirrel Long Shadow doing a conga with a scurry.”

“Yes, the only time they come out is on a morning of sunshine”

Have a marvellous sun filled Monday.

*WeatherFugue trade mark of WHDB and the Dalgety Bay News.  Weather report broadly based on

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